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Elektro Guzzi
Elektro Guzzi

Barutana: Patrick Pulsinger and Electro Guzzi, June 28th

The producer Patrick Pulsinger accompanied by the Elektro Guzzi lineup will present Vienna’s contemporary electronic music scene on June 28th, in Barutana, in the Lower Town of the Belgrade fortress.

The night dedicated to the champions of the new Austrian electronic scene is part of the “Zajedno Zusammen” festival which will be held in several locations in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Zrenjanin, from the 19th of June to the 15th of July.

The program combines the two countries and their artists, with the local representatives being vedettas of the Belgrade scene Miloš Pavlovic and Vlada Janjic. The capacity of this event is limited, and ticket sales start on Tuesday the 17th of June, at a price of 500 dinars in the sales network Eventim.

Patrick Pulsinger

Patrick Pulsinger has been producing and publishing electronic music since the early nineties. His first solo release on Disko B was characterized by basic techno in raw form, coloured by the sound of analogue synthesizers, its culmination being the album “Porno” from 1995, one of the classic techno releases and still a big favourite of collectors and techno enthusiasts. Patrick’s interest and direction of musical activity further evolved towards the use of live instruments and other musical genres including improvised music, jazz and techno fusion, while his production career made further releases for record labels such as Cheap Records, Compost, M Plant, R & S, Morbid, Trust, Vortex.

Cheap Records label, which he initiated and led in collaboration with Erdem Tunakan, apart from it being a polygon for their own musical endeavours and publications, they worked with major artists such as Mika Vaino, Robert Hood, Christopher Just, Gerhard Potuznik, Louie Austen, Phillip Quehenberger, Susanne Brokesch.

During his two-decade career, Patrick Pulsinger has participated in projects and publications, such as IO, Love The Machines, Restaurant Tracks, Lazermusik, Showroom Recordings, Sluts’ n Strings & 909, while remixes and productions include a long list of artists: DJ Hell, Trio Exclusive, Bulbul Mark Steward, Philipp Quehenberger, Quruli, Freud, Ritornell, Elektro Guzzi, Hercules and Love Affair.

Live performances related to electronic music date back to the early seventies when a group of artists from Düsseldorf decided to leave their Krautrock beginnings and transform themselves into human machines. The list of their successors is huge, even though the act of performing has come a long way since musicians started incorporating complex electronics into their sound, since bands became exclusively electronic and since today’s standard live performance includes the simplest laptop set. The evolution went in the other direction as well – musicians from the field of electronic music often include live instruments, perform in traditional band formations, combine digital and analogue in their performances.

Elektro Guzzi

The trio Elektro Guzzi from Vienna are none of that. Although their sound also suggests that both Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind and Bernhard Breuer decided to become human machines, they do not use a single machine in the creation of their sound.

It may sound digital, but in fact, they cannot could not more analogous as they record and perform as a classic rock trio: bass, guitar, drums. Minimal sound landscapes and long epic improvisations as well as the structure of their songs are typical of modern electronic music but in their performances they have no computer backups, no loops, no pre-prepared performances, all you hear is always 100% live recorded and performed.

Elektro Guzzi, in the 10 years of their existence, have released three albums, a number of EPs and one live album for the renowned label Macro from Berlin, while the list of festivals and clubs where they performed include Sonar, Melt!, Airwaves, Roskilde, Moog, Berghain and many others.

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