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Belgrade Beer Fest
Belgrade Beer Fest

Belgrade Beer Fest 2014, August 13th-17th.

The 7th Belgrade Beer Fest will be held from the 13th to the 17th of August 2014, at Belgrade’s confluence (Ušće).

As in previous years, the main advantages of the most popular event in South East Europe, will be its great atmosphere, the music program that presents the best performers in the country, region and the world, as well as a wide variety of beer brands.


Every year, the Belgrade Beer Fest organizes month-long campaigns with strong social messages and thus directly works on educating the population. Aware of their responsibility towards society, the festival producer, the Belgrade Cultural Network, decided that all summer activities will focus on gathering support for the population affected by the May floods.

Thus, the traditional campaign, “I choose to recycle”, will have an addition, and will be called “I choose to recycle and donate”, because all the money from the purchase of collected cans will be directed to help those affected by floods in Serbia. In addition, earnings from the sale of Beer Fest souvenirs will be credited to the account of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to help those in need, and all segments of the marketing campaign will include an appeal for help.

In addition to the humanitarian activities in the focus of Belgrade Beer Fest’s key messages is a socially responsible campaign “Don’t drink and drive,” which the festival conducts every year. In addition to the appeal to all visitors to be conscientious and not drive under the influence of alcohol, we will organize specific activities during the festival which will contribute to greater road safety.

The Belgrade Beer Fest is of great importance for tourism in Belgrade and Serbia. With more than 650,000 visitors within five days and the huge publicity that accompanies it, this festival has become Formula 1 of Belgrade’s Tourism and one of the most recognizable events that Serbia’s capital has to offer.

Positive impressions of the festival that Belgrade’s guests take with them are immeasurable, and are the most important aspect of the festival.


This year we expect a rich and high-quality music program, the artists’ names being released in early July.

Over the past eleven years, the audience was able to enjoy more than 500 free musical performances. The most important bands in the region and Serbia attract large numbers of visitors each year, the mission of the festival being to bring cultures and nations together with its wide variety of musical genres.

Along with great music, visitors can expect a wide range of beer flavours.


For those who find beer to be the most important segment of the festival, it should be noted that this year 50 different international and Serbian beer brands will be available. The drink that is regarded as one of the best for socializing, is the trademark of the Belgrade Beer Fest since its beginning, and in its name, we will gather again in August when visitors can expect five days of great atmosphere and fun.

Welcome to Belgrade Beer Fest 2014!

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