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Belgrade – The Cheapest City for Tourists in Europe

The cheapest city for tourists in Europe is Belgrade, and the most expensive Oslo, according to a survey done by the German automobile association ADAC.

The survey was conducted in twenty European cities. The average tourist pays around 153 euros in Oslo and 41 euros in Belgrade for food, tickets and similar tourist things.

The Serbian capital is thus the cheapest among the surveyed cities, according to German media which state that, among other things, the price of a public transport day ticket or ticket to the zoo were analysed in the survey, as well as the price of beer, cappuccinos or fries. In addition, they made a price comparison for headache pills, toothpaste, band aids…

Tourist attractions are particularly expensive in European cities. Tickets for the London Zoo cost 29 euros, a ticket for a Swiss museum in Lucerne is 25 euros, while in Oslo, a visit to the main tourist attraction, Akershus Fortress, is free.

When it comes to German cities – a tourist’s consumer basket is 104 euros in the capital Berlin, and 98 in the capital of economically powerful Bavaria, Munich.

When it comes to the most expensive cities, Oslo comes after Paris, London, Copenhagen and Madrid, while on the other hand, apart from Belgrade, particularly affordable for tourists are Zagreb, Ljubljana, Prague and Budapest.

For this survey, conducted in May this year, the interviewers in 20 European cities bought 20 clearly defined products, which, according to ADAC, are typical for a tourist with an average salary.