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Parking cards in Belgrade

Buy parking cards in post offices

If you need a parking card in Belgrade, you can buy it at post office, starting from Friday, September 1.

Parking Servis informed customers that the parking tickets for red, yellow and green zone, as well as for the parking at general parking outside the zoned area (so-called blue zone) can be bought in 126 Post Offices in Belgrade.

Parking rates are 56 dinars per hour in red zone, 48 dinars per hour in yellow zone, 41 dinars per hour in green zone and 31 dinars per hour at general parking lot outside zoned area. Daily card costs 150 dinars.

Tickets can be bought at offices of “Poste Srbije” (Post Serbia) located in Takovska street, Kneza Milosa, Savska, Zmaj Jovina, Cara Dusana, and many post office counters across the city, in almost every municipality.

Also, parking tickets can be bought at Parking Service offices in 31 Takovska Street, 51 Milesevska Street, 7 Kraljice Marije Street, at Parking Service shopping facilities, or from parking controller.