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Exit 2014: Special requests by stars coming to the best European festival

The fifteenth Exit festival will be held from the 10th to the 13th of July. This year Petrovaradin will welcome international stars, and with them their most unusual requests.

Read what the organizers of the Exit festival are expected to do before and after the show…

Disclosure, which will perform on the 10th of July in the Dance Arena, is coming with two truckloads of equipment in their tour bus which they drove through the whole of Europe and which came directly from Glastonbury. Technical requirements for their performance promise us a spectacle as they asked for specially designed LED screens that give the effect of a hologram on stage, and during their performance they will use lights we’ve never seen before. Also, for their Wild Life spectacle a separate unit will be delivered that can support this audio-visual set.

On the same day, we can expect a performance by Stromae, who asked for dry cleaning for four different costumes. The one he’ll end up wearing will likely depend on the weather conditions and the current mood.

The grand opening ceremony of the festival will be marked by the Pet Shop Boys performance, who require a backstage with six different rooms, while in the dressing room they want to see a lot of greenery and plants. Members of the band are big fans of “Milka” chocolate, hummus, Spanish “Rioja” red wine, and among their wishes is also an older high-quality French champagne. As they specially request different kinds of pie, we believe that in the coming Ryder list they will cite our local burek as an essential item, as soon as they try it.

Gloria Gaynor is obviously a big fan of seafood, and for lunch before her performance on the main stage on Friday, July 11th, she asked for Chilean sea bass and grilled salmon, and among her unusual demands, Gloria is exactly what you imagine: on her rider list your can find floral towels and a porcelain tea set with floral motif.

It seems that the members of the band Rudimental like to listen to music wherever they go, and have expressed a wish to have a CD player backstage. When it comes to alcohol, their appetites are sizable, and their taste refined, and so they have asked for select spirits: Courvoisier or Hennessy cognac/brandy, Grey Goose vodka and a bottle of Jack Daniels No.7. In addition, these guys asked for a national lottery ticket, so don’t be surprised if the next lottery winner is – Rudimental!

The crew that accompanies Damon Albarn, who performs on the main stage on Saturday night, obviously hasn’t heard of the dangers of smoking because they ordered 60 packs of cigarettes, and if you want to know what revitalizes them before and after the show, the answer is quite simple – all they asked for is Grey Goose vodka, lots of ice and freshly prepared sushi.

Shrillex, one of the most popular DJs in the world is coming to Serbia on a private charter flight. Like Albarn, he too is a chain smoker and so he put four different types of cigarettes on his wish list. Skrillex asked for three size S V-neck black body shirts, two pairs of boxer shorts and socks to be waiting for him in his dressing room. When he gets hungry, tortilla chips and salsa, pita, hummus and Swedish chocolate will be waiting for him, and when he wants to freshen up, he’ll have some Grey Goose vodka and a large amount of local beer.

Saturday Night Fever will be flammable as Afrojack vs. Quintino requested pyrotechnics enough for a mini festival of fireworks. In addition, Afrojack will use specially designed and mapped LED screens and IChat during their performance, which allows them to communicate and command the utilities people.

Popcorn, Monika, irons…

One of the most interesting rider lists was sent by the members of the band Hurts. Besides usual things like popcorn, coconut water, Smirnoff Red Vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin and the best local beer, the band members asked for a framed photo of Monica Bellucci and Mike Tyson. Apparently someone in the group has sinus problems because they listed a special type of inhaler, and asked for a lot of vitamin C and ten packs of gum. For their performance they requested 24 long white roses, and we encourage fans of the band to be in the first rows, you might be lucky enough to get one.

The guys from Suede are old metros and their wishes when it comes to food and drink are quite modest – all they want is sushi and Mexican beer. When it comes to getting ready for their performance, things stand a little differently: they require an iron and ironing board, large mirrors, gel and mousse, hair dryers and clothes brushes.

The spectacular performance by Deep Dish will be marked by a special installation of LED tubes which are specifically designed for their new tour, and their set is characterized by modern design and a combination of LED displays and LED lighting.

Only three days are left until the start of Europe’s best festival, which will be held at the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, after which the party will continue at the Sea Dance Festival, from the 15th to the 17th of July on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic, Jaz beach near Budva.

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