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Day in Belgrade's Office
Day in Belgrade's Office

Google Street View service for Serbia

On Thursday, July 10th, Google will present what they’ve already been working on: The Street View service in Serbia – which allows users to virtually walk the streets of Serbian cities.

Google Cars on October 23rd last year, began to record images with an overview of 360 degrees in major cities in Serbia, such as Belgrade and Novi Sad, and then also in smaller towns and villages.

Street View is a very popular application that is available in 50 countries and more than 3,000 cities worldwide. Thanks to this application, users can virtually explore the streets through panoramic images recorded from the perspective of the observer. Street View is available in the Google Earth application and Google Maps for mobile.

Where the Street View option is available, the level of the street view is accessed by zooming the map and clicking on the Street View icon on the left side of the screen, below the search box. If you’re dealing with the latest version of Google Maps, just drag the orange little man “Pegman” on the map to zoom in on the street view.

Thanks to this feature, users will be able to see what the restaurant they’re going to looks like, plan trips, arrange meeting places, or write their geography homework a little easier. Those looking to buy or rent a house can save time by looking at the building itself and its surroundings, or they can look at the path that leads to a specific address.

Also, before going on holiday, people will be able to see what the area and hotel look like, and decide whether it works for them.

Business users also benefit from the Street View technology, because they can integrate Google maps on their website and thus promote a chain of hotels, or increase the visibility of the local library, restaurants and the like.

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