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Burger House
Burger House

Top 7 best binges in Belgrade

Binging…In a flood of articles on healthy eating, diets, rapid weight loss plans, the best sports activities, we actually dared to make a top list of the best binges in Belgrade.

Of course, we compiled this list last month, so it’s likely to be a little different now – it was obviously a momentary flash of inspiration…

7. We have a really good binge plan, and it starts at the corner of Takovska and Cvijiceva at Uncle Mile’s. They say he makes the best barbecue in town.

Well: you’ve set your sights on a half a kilo hamburger. What’s worse (or better) is that it’s not just half a kilo, but precisely 550 grams! You’ll add onions and chilli. Don’t worry, you’ll feel better in two or three days!

6. When you think of binging on pancakes, you know you need to go to “Glumac” (The Actor) near the National Theatre. When you order sweet or savoury pancakes, the scene is almost the same. You get a fatly stuffed pancake (the filling never being sparse, regardless of what you’ve ordered) on a plate.

You raise your eyebrows in disbelief and start eating. The fun starts when you’ve eaten half. A real battle is taking place inside you: it’s so delicious but you can’t eat the whole thing, but it’s so delicious that you want to eat the whole thing! What does one do? Just one more bite.

You begin to act in Glumac (The Actor) that you’re feeling well, but the sweat from your brow is giving you away. You can’t have another bite, you just have to! You’ve binged again!

5. Don’t be scared! If you come to Aberdareva, the RTS crew won’t film you, even though you’re brave and determined enough to guzzle down a half meter hot dog. It’s not just half a meter of hot dog, but half a meter of soft bready bun as well, with additional seasonings.

On every ten centimetres of the hot dog we recommend you put: a layer of chicken salad, then a layer of tomato and sesame salad, mayonnaise and mustard, then lettuce and roasted crispy bacon. It’s enough for you to implode! Let’s find the ones who have eaten this half a meter hot dog with all the additional seasonings! In order to congratulate them!

Institut za burger prase i gulaš
Institut za burger prase i gulaš

4. In the Institute … Ah, sorry! Not some kind of mental health institute or one for eating disorders, but in the perfect sense of the word – the Institute for burgers, pork and stew in Marsala Birjuzova…

We ordered a 100% Beefsteak Burger at the Institute and were recovering for days. Well, a carbonated sweet drink did help to accelerate digestion, but the sweet cupcake really didn’t. And what’s even more interesting: we came back to a completely authentic venue dominated by king Elvis with his life-size guitar. Yes, we took selfies with Elvis!

3. After preparations like you were going to the Belgrade Marathon, and after consultation with a nutritionist and after the complete erasure of memory regarding the events surrounding the nutritionist, you have stepped into Stara Hercegovina (Old Herzegovina).

The waiter looks at you with a smirk because he knows you’ll be defeated – he already had a few risky binges today… After a few minutes – he’s bound to be victorious: you order Serbian soup, ribs… sorry – ribs with baked potatoes, chili peppers, and finally – completely out of control – fresh fatty and delicious tulumbas!

2. You have entered the Burger House. You’ve ordered a burger. While you eat, your best friend enters Nikola Spasic 3. He orders a burger for himself and (after a little persuasion – he got a 10 in the theory of social change) he orders one for you too … you eat the other burger.

You can barely breathe. You then eat the crumbs off your plate. You’re barely breathing, and – considering the premium sandwich with finely chopped beef, grilled onions, grilled peppers and melted mozzarella. Are you bloody insane?!

1. You’re ready. After two days of fasting (was it enough?), you have come to your aunt’s place and take your place at the table in the corner. Your aunt brings you appetizers. While the food is being alternated, we’re following your thought process: “Drink soda water, drink soda water! … Uh, this is good cheese! And the ham! Oh my God! Don’t overdo it with snacks! … Mmmm, it smells so good! Only one ladle of soup! … Less bread! Then comes sarma (rolls of stuffed cabbage) … Less bread! Less bread!

You already ate three sarmas! Well, well, they’re not that big! Come on, just one more! … Don’t forget that after the pork there’s going to be cake and your aunt makes such good cakes! … Oooo, you’ve been so bad! Well, you have to have this rib as well, look, it’s hypnotizing you…You need some soda water so you can burp it all out! … That’s it! Now you can even have a piece of cake! Eh! Stop! Look at that lean piece of goodness! You’ll soon go home! And you haven’t even tried the cake…

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